• Mar 28, 17
  • Simon
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The sun is out. Finally. So you should hit the road, right? Cruise around, step on the gas, let the engine roar?


What’s that, you haven’t got a classic car yet? Well, let us hook you up. 



We’ve got something new: fast moving cars. These babies are just aching to get out there. So we’ve decided to offer our fast moving cars at very advantageous prices. They have to go, and so do you. Go out and drive that is.


Our fast moving cars have the same CarCave quality, at a very interesting price. If you’ve always wanted a classic, now is the time to get one on your own budget. No more excuses, you’ll love driving one of these:



Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova super 1600 - 14.500 euro



BMW 1602 rally spec - 12.500 euro



BMW 2002 tii - 24.000 euro



Jaguar XK8 coupe 40 - 10.000 euro



Porsche 924 - 5.000 euro



Porsche 911 coupe S US - 25.000 euro



Renault R5 GT Turbo - 9.500 euro



Volvo 262 coupe Bertone - 16.500 euro



Don’t wait too long, they are selling like hot cakes, well, hot hatches in some cases. 


Pick up your phone and call Roel or Werner for an appointment:



Call Roel +32 498 519603


Call Werner +32 474 487019


E-mail: info@carcave.be