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2007 Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia 2007

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About this car

Very rare. 1 of the only 25 factory built 2007 Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia cars. It was the car driven by Team Italy 1 (Antonio Tognana and Carlo Cassina) who finished second overall. It was delivered May 2007. To compete in the 2007 Transsyberia rally from Moskow (Russia) to Ulaambataar (Mongoly). Starting on 3 August and finishing on 17 August 2007. After the rally the car became property of Porsche Centre of Padova in Italy. The last years the car was part of a large collection in Belgium. With the car is all documentation, all original documents, original press releases and results. An original book with pictures show all the extra parts and works that was undertaken on the factory cars.

These Cayenne S Transsyberia cars were tailored specifically to the requirements of long distance rally racing.

The power unit has been taken from the regular road version of the Cayenne S with hardly any changes. Output of this 4.8 liter natural aspiration V8 with direct gasoline injection remains 385 hp (283 kw). With Variocam Plus management which ensures of smooth power output through the entire speed range.

With a sport exhaust system reduced for minimum weight which gives the Transsyberia a powerful and muscular sound, while the Tiptronic S transmission with a shorter final drive ratio  ensures better acceleration and is optimized for the off road use. With PTM (Porsche Traction Management) which calculates the degree of lock required for the front and rear axle. With PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control) interacts with the air suspension PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management). In the special Offroad Mode provided by the air suspension, the maximum depth when crossing rivers and streams is 750 mm. With body and doors sealed off all the way up to the side windows. And using a flexible air filter snorkel. This moves the air intake even further up to the roofline of the car.

Wheels and suspension of the Cayenne have been modified for the most extreme, long term demands of rough tracks and rocky surfaces. Although the standard Cayenne is known for its body stiffness and passive safety the used extra A and B pillars made ultra high strength steel to improve safety in a rollover under racing conditions. And to offer even better protection it comes with a FIA approved safety cage. 

For weight reduction the rear seat bench, interior body panels and sound-proofing materials have been removed. Also the central locking system was removed. The rear and side rear windows were made of light polycarbonate material. Both drivers enjoy the benefits of lightweight Recaro sportseats.

This Cayenne S Transsyberia is finished in Basalt Black Metallic with orange wheel rims and contrasting elements such as exterior mirrors, the rear wing, the additional headlights and crossbars, on the cooling air intakes, they are all finished in orange.

All 25 units of the Cayenne S Transsyberia come as standard with a navigation unit enabling the team to plan their routes also of the beaten tracks. The glove compartment is replaced with a special model Tripmaster computer. Most of the control units are fitted in the interior and all electric lines and wires have been installed at new points and in new positions.

Reinforced and extra large underfloor protection panels made of aluminum and additional covers made of stainless steel for the exhaust tail pipes to protect them for particular damage and exposure on a rally with extremely though conditions. The regular foot operated parking brake is replaced by a hand brake enabling the driver to oversteer the vehicle in a tight bend. Four additional headlights are fitted on the roof.

The luggage compartment also comes with two 20 liter reserve cans, a hydraulic offroad car jack, two fire extinguishers, two sand boards, two full size spares and two transport boxes for tools. Further features include as standard: 2 two man tents, two heat-car insulated mats, four lashing belts, a 9 meter long salvage belt complete with tackle, a folding spade, a folding saw, an axe, a manually operated and adjustable headlight, four towing bar openings and complete Hazet toolkit-carscoop.

This is a unique opportunity to require a important piece of Porsche's Rally history. Take your change on this original Transsyberia.

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  • Brand: Porsche
  • Type: Cayenne S Transsyberia 2007
  • Engine: V8 - 4800 cc - 385 hp
  • Transmission: 6 speed automatic gearbox
  • Mileage: 22.300 km
  • Exterior: basalt black metallic
  • Interior: black
  • Previous owners: 2
  • Price: SOLD