CarCave proudly announces its collaboration with The Mean Machines for the interior design of its new location and a limited edition t-shirt. The Mean Machines is the designer behind the Instagram account @mean_machines_the_game. He produces awesome car graphics that will one day be a part of the game of his dreams. He shares with us the same passion for cars and design and is the perfect partner to embellish the new Carcave and add luster to our grand reopening.

CarCave met up with the artist and asked him where his passion for cars and games came from.

“I always liked cars, Ferrari was always number one, Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger the coolest. I do not know where it came from, maybe my older brother infected me”.

How did you come up with Mean Machines The Game?

“When I grew up my brother had an Amiga 500 and still I have nice memories of all the different types of games we used to play. A couple of years ago I played the first Monument Valley and rediscovered my passion for well done games. This passion mixed with my passion for cars resulted in the idea of creating a different type of car game. Basically still the idea is to combine reduced, cutting edge power graphics with realistic physics.”

Where do you want to take this project? 

“It develops in many different areas, the main thing for me is to have fun. In the end there will be the game, but making a game is expensive, so MEANMACHINES has to grow further and will be strong in different fields in the future.”

What is your favourite classic car?

“Hard to say … Ferrari GTO, Ferrari F40 or Lamborghini Countach.”

Do you own a classic? 

“I own a Lancia Delta EVO2 in red with beige Alcantara seats, dreamcar. Ferrari 400i or TESTAROSSA is still to come…”

Name a future classic according to you. 

“BMW M2 I hope, although there were so many built.”

What is your favourite race track? And in a game?

“Actually I can only refer to my experiences in Formula One Gran Prix from Microprose (1992), I loved Monza and Hockenheim for its simplicity and speed. In reality I like mountain and country roads without other cars. Going fast in the Dolomites with friends is fun.”

How did you get to know CarCave? 

“Actually we got in contact via instagram, I had a closer look and 95% of the cars seen in the CARCAVE where cars I like a lot, no shitty cars that would spoil everything, just a super decent choice of cars in combination with a cool style, like the MEANMACHINES.”

Come check out his graphics at CarCave during our Grand Reopening! March 16 and 17:

March 16, 10 - 18h: open house
March 17, 10 - 16h: open house
March 17, 10 - 12h: CarCave Cars & Donuts
March 17, 12 - 16h: CarCave classic car ride along

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